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Professional development

Organisational health & performance

Training is an on-going process throughout your career.
Successful business owners and managers recognise and make performance development and training a core part of their business’ continuous improvement process.  

Collaborative Employment Solutions is equipped to assist in that aim and offers accredited training and professional development.
Urban Construction
  • Work Health and Safety (WHS) obligations and due diligence for ‘Officers’, Managers, Supervisors and/or workers

  • Risk Management and Incident Causation – identifying underlying causes to environmental, social and physiological determinants of the observable behaviour

  • Industrial Relations – using an effective and harmonious approach

  • Complaint Resolution - building capacity and resilience

  • Equal Opportunity - maximising staff talent and improving organisational well-being

  • Strategic goal setting and planning moving from theoretical frameworks to real outcomes

  • Leadership - Business and Management

  • Principles of Management

  • Building High Performing Teams

  • Manager as Coach

  • Customer Service Excellence

  • Keys to Emotional Intelligence

  • Persuasive Presentations

  • Personal Branding


Professional Development
App Developer

Collaborative Employment Solutions consulting group has extensive experience and excellent skills in motivating individuals and organisations to effectively embrace change. Our strategies generate a positive reputational image and align organisational health to the achievement of business-wide strategic goals.

Organisational Health and Performance Development

Performance Development
Colleagues at Work

Our consultants have considerable experience in developing individual mentoring and coaching programs to align career development for management and employees to achieve organisational goals.

Mentoring &

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