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Workplace agreements & industrial relations

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Performance & change management

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Mediation & complaint handling

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Work Health Safety (WHS) solutions

workplace agreements
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Workplace agreements &
industrial relations

At any stage of operations, workplaces need clarity and good working arrangements to build and maintain productivity.  If you are negotiating a new workplace (enterprise) agreement, or facing challenges in the implementation of one, our highly experienced consultants can assist you by:

  • negotiating and documenting agreements

  • policy development and refining operational procedures

  • resolving workplace tensions and mediating grievances

  • providing representation before tribunals and the Industrial Court

  • developing and delivering training.

Performance &
change management

Our consulting group has extensive experience and excellent skills in motivating individuals and organisations to effectively embrace change. Our approach is to connect staff to organisational objectives, develop effective internal communication strategies and build the culture of an organisation to improve productivity.  We have particular expertise to assist the transition and management of staff undergoing change processes.

Collaborative Employment Solutions’ focus with your staff, irrespective of their level or experience, is to encourage growth and performance development by using honest feedback to identify areas for improvement so they are better placed to achieve changing organisational expectations. We can use either individual approaches such as mentoring and coaching to facilitate group professional development opportunities for the whole team.

Mediation &
complaint handling

Even the most successful organisation can be the subject of complaints from the public or face internal issues needing resolution.  On those occasions, we can assist with experienced and independent consultants to resolve issues quickly with a focus on improving communication and restoring relationships.  Our expertise extends to long-term solutions through effective policy and building future capacity through training.

Work Health & Safety (WHS) solutions

Most organisations understand the importance of providing a safe and healthy environment for all that work at, or visit, a workplace.


Collaborative Employment Solutions recognizes your staff and clients are the most valuable assets and we bring a qualified and experienced approach to achieve zero harm. 
We can provide the following services to achieve a healthy and safe environment by: 

  • identifying hazards, assessing risks and implementing controls which prevent injury or illness

  • consulting with all staff, subcontractors, and key stakeholders in WHS matters

  • planning, implementing and maintaining an effective WHS System that meets all relevant WHS legislation and best practice requirements 

  • establishing organisational safety rules, policies and procedures 

  • providing timely investigations of any accident or incident to implement corrective actions 

  • identification and provision of training requirements 

  • continually monitoring compliance and performance of your WHS program

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