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Our Team

Adrian Nippress
Managing Director | Phone: 0400 303 881

Adrian is a passionate advocate for local community development who has spent considerable time living in Adelaide & regional areas in South Australia. Adrian has effectively lobbied in political contexts to achieve sound policy outcomes, including securing funding for significant projects across government, not-for-profit and the private sector.

Adrian has held several senior management roles, within the community, education and health sectors, and is highly regarded for his deep working knowledge of administrative law, industrial relations, and human resources. Adrian’s ability to identify and engage prominent senior staff within organisations, while working inclusively with all members of the wider community, to strategically identify, develop, and implement required policy is one of Adrian’s greatest strengths. Adrian draws from his personal and professional integrity in developing key relationships and upon his highly developed oral communication and negotiation skills.

Georgie picture.png
Georgia McRae
Consultant | Phone 0400 303 881

Georgia holds a double degree in Law (Honours) and Journalism.

During her career Georgia has worked in the field of industrial relations, primarily in the trade union movement as an industrial advocate. This experience, paired with her own experience running her own business, means Georgia is uniquely placed to offer comprehensive and collaborative advice.

Greg Stevens
Consultant | Phone 0400 303 881

Greg has had extensive Industrial Relations and Human Resources experience within the Trade Union movement, as a former Industrial Tribunal member, and as a workplace relations consultant.

He currently consults in IR and HR projects, mainly for the public and not for profit sectors. He works on an independent and transparent basis and is highly regarded for his skills in communication, facilitation and investigation.

Bronwyn Griffin
Administration & Finance | Phone: 0411 654 869

Bronwyn has extensive experience mainly in the public sector in administration and finance. She has worked primarily in the rights protection and education areas and strongly believes in the importance of social justice.

Bronwyn has many years of experience that include working in the areas of office management, finance, database management, website maintenance, work, health and safety, and general administration.


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