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Business Services & Support

Our qualified team of consultants provide strategic planning and operational implementation for a range of private, community and government organisations.


Even the very best policies, procedures and processes can fail if they are not properly implemented.  

At Collaborative Employment Solutions, we don’t simply develop documentation for you and leave you to implement it without support, we are always available to help you put everything in place and keep it running smoothly.


Business Consulting

Our consultancy services include:
  • analysis of business issues
  • formulation of risk management assessment and incident analysis
  • skilled leadership in strategic goal setting and planning
  • bookkeeping and the development and monitoring of budgets.

Risk management assessment & Incident analysis

Our qualified consultants can examine your organisation from a compliance point of view, locating any areas of weakness and recommending solutions to ensure you are fully meeting your compliance requirements.

Additionally, in the event of an accident or incident investigation we can be on hand to identify and help to rectify any active failures, systemic omissions or oversight issues.
Risk Management

Strategic goal setting and planning

We can develop goals and achievable outcomes in collaboration both at the longer term strategic level and the daily operational with you. Our services can be extended to facilitating training via strategic planning workshops.
Strategic goal setting Planning

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