In our consultancy group we provide a strong professional and ethical approach to the giving advice and assistance, in parallel with operational effectiveness, building and working with teams formulating a collaborative approach to respond to current and emerging issues.

Aspects of our Training and Capacity Building Services


  • Training – WHS, Equal Opportunity, Risk management

  • Organisational Reviews and Policy Development

  • Staff Performance Development and Change Management

  • Employee/Management mentoring and coaching

Aspects of our Business Advisory Services

  • Business planning & strategic advice

  • Industrial Relations & Workplace Issues

  • Performance & change management

  • Mediation & Complaint Handling

  • Work Health & Safety (WHS) Solutions


Here's what our clients said...

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Recently, I’ve had some serious challenges at work. It was very stressful time. Faced with the problem I was completely lost, and I had no idea what to do and how to approach it. I had many legal advices given and no clear path. HR at work was worsening the situation. I will thank my lucky stars that my good friend reached out to me and suggested to contact Collaborative Employment Solutions. Just after one hour meeting, I’ve had clear plan and roadmap to the solution. Adrian Nippress and Steve Stefanopoulos were prompt, caring, patient, compassionate and understanding throughout the process. They have listened to me and were able to guide me without being overwhelming and they assisted me with a problem I had. I am very grateful to Adrian and Steve and I highly recommend them with any workplace employment issues that you have.

— Martha

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My son, was unfairly dismissed from work, further to this he had also been underpaid for the period he worked for this employer, in short paid as a trainee yet never signed up under a traineeship and there were other amounts outstanding. We had done the full circle of speaking with lawyers, however, the cost of engaging and paying a lawyer outweighed the funds that were owing. We were very lucky that with speaking with a lawyer he highly recommended that I make contact with Adrian from Collaborative Employment Solutions. From the onset, Adrian was caring, understanding and explained thoroughly the best way forward. Adrian was also very patient, given we were dealing with an ex-employer who dragged the process out for 18 months. We highly recommend Adrian to anyone seeking expert advice on any employment related matter, Adrian understands every aspect of employment law and is very balanced with his views, options and charges.

— Sharon

Regarding my issue about an unfair dismissal in an aged care setting, I cannot speak highly enough about Steve Stefanopoulos. In a very stressful situation, he was just fabulous. He certainly knows his job and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome and with no stressful waiting around.

— Michelle

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I recently engaged the services of Collaborative Employment Services and that of Adrian Nippress to assist me with a case I had chosen to address in 2019. In the first instance to initiate the process is stressful enough and to then decide to follow through, takes an enormous amount of energy and focus, coupled with the added stress it places on oneself, is a task that should not be undertaken without expert advice and support. From the very first phone call I made to Adrian and with his expert and calming words, the process was explained and easily followed, as dealing with Government Departments can, at the best of times, be challenging. Adrian was very understanding and supportive and would not take on my case if he thought there was no merit to it, so I was very grateful for his common sense approach to my concerns and his advice that it was worth following through if I had the commitment to do so.  On moving forward, he provided guidance, support, document submissions to the respective Government Departments, liaison between all parties, myself and my employer, providing me with advice, and most importantly, he was my 'voice'. Without Adrian and his lovely staff, I could not have followed through with the whole process, and was very pleased my case was handled with sensitivity, focus and with the utmost professionalism to a successful outcome. I thank Adrian and his staff for everything and would not hesitate in recommending their services.

— Vanessa

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